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Save Time

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Manage HOS, locate assets, and leverage camera footage, all in one easy to use dashboard

Save Money

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Our top-rated driver app helps drivers legally maximize their compliance and drive time with our best in class HOS featured.

FMSCA-approved ELD

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Operate your fleet within FMCSA guidelines. Reliable bluetooth and USB connections and 24/7 live customer support keeps your fleets moving on the road

Save thousands of dollars without a contract

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No contract, no problems- cancel anytime without penalty

Unlike other ELDs, we need to earn your business every month, so we don’t change our features or prices unexpectedly.

You’ve probably been in a contract before and paid a lot more than you had to. Maybe you had drivers leave, but you still had to pay for them.

What Are Some Traditional Hidden Contract Costs?

  • Do you need IFTA? That’s another $20 monthly per truck
  • Live customer support? That’s another $15 per driver
  • “FREE HARDWARE?” You mean free lease, paying out triple the actual cost at the end?
  • Need to edit? That’s another $250 a month
  • Lose a driver? Sorry, you’re still going to pay monthly

Your fleet is losing driving hours every day.

We’ll help you get those hours back.

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You can make 40% more money with GPSTab by driving more miles than ever before

  • Add 2 hours to your driver’s HOS when they’re stuck in traffic caused by a wreck using our Adverse Driving feature. All it takes is the click of a button.
  • Don’t waste hours waiting at the shipper again – eliminate HOS losses due to detention with out easy-to-use Split-Sleeper feature.
  • Avoid costly violations at the end of a driver’s shift by enabling Personal Conveyance, so they can use their truck while off-duty.

Don’t let your fleet lose time on the road

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  • Call us anytime- we’ve got live multi-language support available to you 24/7 at no additional charge
  • Need to replace an ELD? We can ship it to you overnight
  • Install plug-and-play ELDs in minutes. Avoid staying out of service for weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a contract?

No, we offer a month-to-month subscription that doesn’t require a long term commitment. There are also no fees or penalties if you cancel services at any time. If you are interested in no hardware costs up front we do have favorable contracts available.

How can you help my fleet drive more miles?

We make it easier than any other ELD to use existing FMCSA regulations such as the Adverse Conditions exception, Split-Sleeper, and Personal Conveyance to maximize your fleet’s hours of service.

Can I edit my drivers’ logs?

We can help you make legal edits to your drivers’ logs at no additional cost

How long does it take to install my ELD?

Our plug-and-play devices can be installed in minutes by a driver, getting them back on the road in no time and keeping time spent out of service to a minimum.

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