gpstab Asset Tracker.
Protect your fleet against theft with GPSTab Asset Trackers

Secure your assets covertly and increase fleet safety

Safety and protection are not a luxury, they’re a necessity.

Safeguard your assets with a GPStab tracking device that effectively reduces costly losses and liabilities.

Reduce insurance rates up to 18%

Reduce insurance rates up to 18%

Monitor detention times

Monitor detention times

Waterproof & durable throughout all seasons

Waterproof & durable throughout all seasons

gps tab assets tracker

KEY Features

  • Share locations with brokers
  • Dual battery and power mode
  • Track tire miles on trailers
  • Discreet 2.75” x 4” build
  • Up to 5000 location pings on a single charge

The high cost of being unprotected.

Cargo theft can be extremely costly for trucking companies. Year after year, small and large companies are losing thousands from lost or stolen cargo, vehicles, or trailers.

  • - $50,000

    If you lose Trailer.

  • - $150,000

    If you lose Tractor.

  • - $200,000

    If you lose Cargo.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your assets

Equip your trucks with GPSTab Asset Trackers today by clicking below.

Resource Library

  • 592 total cases of cargo theft were recorded in 2019
  • The average amount of loads lost was $142,342 in 2019
  • The total estimated loss across the U.S. and Canada in 2018 was $13.9 million
  • The median amount lost in profit throughout 2018 was $58,500
  • 703 cargo thefts were recorded in 2019, which was a 17% uptick from 2018.
  • Full truckloads were the most common form of theft in 2019, accounting for 54% of all thefts.
  • California, Texas, and Georgia were the states most affected, combining for 44% of thefts.
  1. Always park in open areas that are well-lit.
    If available, park near places that have management personnel, such as a visitor’s center or ranger station, where someone can keep an eye on any attempted theft.
  2. Mark your assets with the trailer number and company name on the top.
    This will help authorities to accurately locate any lost or stolen loads.
  3. Document your trailer through our UTECH UNITES platform.
    This is a paperless tracking platform that documents all information about your load. This is helpful for law-enforcement officials to track your assets down.
  4. Install an asset tracking device.
    Never lose a load with GPSTab’s Asset Trackers or Tail Light Trackers, which accurately track your assets 24/7.
  • Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Loads
  • Drivers
  • Other crucial equipment.

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