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We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with innovative solutions
to the complex problems faced by your business.

With 17 travel centers offering a variety of useful services for truckers, Sapp Bros Travel Centers has long been praised for their hospitality and excellent service. As our advertising partner, we’re excited to have teamed up with such a well-regarded company.


IOSIX is a top manufacturer of electronic logging devices and high-end automotive data acquisition systems. As one of GPSTab’s preferred hardware providers, our software seamlessly integrates with their devices to provide hours of service compliance for customers.


WIreless Link is a premier information and communications technology provider and systems integrator. As one of GPSTab’s preferred hardware providers, our software seamlessly integrates with their devices to provide hours of service compliance for customers.


With Project44’s supply chain visibility platform, customers can manage freight tracking in real time. By providing API keys to their platform, we’ve been able to improve tracking and safety for an abundance of transportation companies in the industry.


InterNex Capital has created a cutting-edge system that allows customers to turn unpaid invoices into a true line of credit. Through integration with GPSTab, we’re helping to streamline the process of getting paid and getting our customers new and innovative financial options.


TruckPark is an innovative driver application that allows truck drivers to find and reserve safe parking in real time. Integrated with GPSTab, drivers can access TruckPark’s app and find hassle-free secure parking.


HandshakeFleet.com is your source to find commercial trucks and trailers for sale from truck dealers, fleets, owner-operators and private sellers. Our management team has 30+ years of experience in the trucking industry and understands the need for a better buying and selling platform.


Based out of North Carolina, Vallon Consulting provided trucking businesses with services, solutions, resources, and education that they can use to improve their fleet. They provide a variety of services that you can use to grow your business.


Trucker’s Affiliate Program provides you with a wide base of consulting services, specializing in getting trucking companies up from start to finish with ongoing support for your business. From dispatching to recruiting, you can get the resources you need to kickstart your trucking company.


ProMles provides you with accurate, up-to-date mapping, mileage, and routing data to plan legal trips that are safer and more efficient. Their software can also help you cut down on your largest expense: fuel costs.


TRX streamlines the entire repair process for you, helping you keep your truck on the road. Their app allows you to request and approve services, monitor your vehicle’s repair status, and send payments all in one place.



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