Tail Light GPS Tracker
Tail Light GPS Trackers are the most covert on the market

Hidden in plain sight, GPSTab’s Tail Light Trackers can help mitigate cargo theft

Don’t let theft affect
your bottom line

By guarding against cargo theft with our Tail Light Trackers, you can maximize your profitability and prevent drastic losses.

gps tail light
Easily installed in trucks and trailers

Easily installed in trucks and trailers

Bulk purchases available

Bulk purchases available

Swiftly locate your assets

Swiftly locate your assets

Best price on the market

Best price on the market


  • Install in under 1 minute
  • Looks and works like a standard tail light
  • Fits on commercial trucks, vans, and chassis trailers
Stay<br> Connected


  • 4G LTE technology works with multi-network coverage
  • The device is reporting every 10 min
  • Up to 3 months of unpowered operation


  • Focus time and energy on growth
  • Spend less time filing claims Improve insurance rates
  • Receive better freight opportunities from top-rated brokers

Get the ultimate solution for stealthy vehicle monitoring

Equip your fleet with GPSTab Tail Light Trackers today by clicking below.

Size Variety

Available in 4” round and 6” oval formats.

Utilizes 4G network

Get superior coverage with 4G connectivity.

Accessible Power Sources

Received power from the brake and tail light circuits.

Effortless Installation

Works, looks, and installs like a standard tail light.

Standby Battery

Get up to 3 months reporting when unpowered.

Deftly Concealed

Hidden in plain sight, they effectively secure your assets.

Simple Connection

Uses existing wiring loom.

High Impact Acrylic

Lens is constructed with high impact, scratch resistant, acrylic.

DOT & SAE Approved

Certified to FMVSS: S2, T2, I6 specs.


Lights are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.


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