Meet the NO CONTRACT DASH CAMERA for Owner/Operators and Fleets.

Improve fleet safety with intelligent video monitoring.

Meet the NO CONTRACT <span>DASH CAMERA</span> for Owner/Operators and Fleets.

The Most Accurate and Flexible
Fleet Dash Cam Solution Software

Monitors more events than competition, with 20-actions
Built-in accelerometer with instant notifications and accident detection
7-10 days of full recording and 60 days cloud storage
Live Streaming and Playback
Stand-alone service and easy DIY installation

The Cost of a Collision Can Be Catastrophic for Many Small Companies

Don’t risk your livelihood to the high cost of truck crashes. Protect your drivers and your company by investing in GPSTab fleet Dash Cameras.

Trucking Incident Facts


of car/truck accidents are NOT the truck driver’s fault.


average cost of a crash involving a truck!


average cost of a crash involving a tractor trailer


average cost of an accident with a fatality

Cover Your Assets With Our Fleet Tracking Dash Cameras.

GPSTab includes an easy-to-use fleet camera system. Follow these steps to protect yourself and your drivers and potentially prevent your business from losing thousands of dollars.



Avoid unfair liability by capturing evidence of accidents.



Use custom rules such as speeding, sudden acceleration, and hard braking to recognize dangerous driving behavior.



Review footage for opportunities for additional driver training.

Record every angle withGPSTab Side Cameras

Protect your fleet by pairing your Side Camera with your GPSTab Dash Camera and installing units in key locations such as:

  • Trailers
  • Front Fenders
  • Vehicle rears
  • Doors
<span>Record every angle with</span>GPSTab Side Cameras


Fleet Dash Cam FAQ`s

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial fleet dash cameras

What is a fleet dash cam?

Dash cams are mounted to the windshield or rear-view mirror of a vehicle to automatically record dangerous driver behavior and accidents. The cameras can be road-facing, in-cab, or dual-lens video cameras. GPSTab’s camera is dual-facing for the ultimate coverage with interior infrared for low light situations.. Fleet dash cams often protect drivers and businesses from lawsuits because they give easy access to first-hand video of the entire event.

How Do Fleet Dash Cam Systems Work?

That depends on your selection of product. With GPSTab, managers can set the fleet camera system to live stream or continuously record footage, for ease of use and storage, while drivers can manually record whenever there is an incident. Many other products don’t allow live streaming, are not connected to the cloud and require downloads from an SD card in order to view footage, making them cumbersome and hard to use.

Do I Need a Dash Cam?

Though fleet dash cams are not required for commercial motor vehicles or other fleets, they are said to be one of the most highly sought-after road safety improvements by the National Transportation Safety Board, and greatly reduce liability claims for the driver and company.

How Do Dash Cams Help With Driver Safety?

Watching video footage of risky driving allows you to understand why drivers make quick turns, hard stops, and rapid acceleration. Accidents with a dash camera decrease by up to 11%. In fact, there is a 62% reduction in overall claims cost due to lower payouts. A higher percentage of successfully dismissed claims, improved driver skills, a 90% reduction in cell phone usage and eliminating inefficient driving are other benefits.

Can Our Dash Camera Integrate With Gps Tracking?

GPS tracking is available with GPSTab’s fleet dash cam solution. You’ll have access to live look-ins and location snapshots. Make sure to check before you purchase, understand that not all cameras come with any kind of tracking feature. If you buy a camera without a monthly subscription and data charge, you are most likely not getting the tracking feature.

Can You Download the Footage?

Yes. There are actually three ways to access the footage. Best for long sections of video that are minutes in length, to download your footage, access the needed camera and scroll down to the “Recordings,” then click “Download.” You can then pick a specific date, time, video quality, and how many seconds before and after the event you want included. For quick access to 12-second automatically recorded footage, simply click on the event to view the 6 seconds before and after the event. For long-length recordings, you can remove the SD card and download the data, sparing your data use.

How Do I View My Video Recordings?

Access the needed camera and then scroll down the “Recordings” section. You can then specify the time period for the recording. You can also follow the download process for events, or remove and download the SD card. For optimal viewing, we recommend watching footage in 30-second intervals.


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