Earn a $50 gift card when you refer a friend

There is no limit to the gift cards that you can receive for the referrals that you send our way.

Our Referral Program is simple


Enter the name and contact information for the company(ies) that you are referring to GPSTab on the form above.


If you are the first person to refer them to GPSTab, your account will receive a $50 gift card, valid for 60 days at gpstab.com/store when they become a customer. You will receive an email with your gift card information.


Buy discounted equipment for your fleet with your referral gift cards.

Save up to $3,420 a month with our
no-contract ELD




You could be overpaying up to $3,420
annually per truck with other ELD providers:

Don’t overpay for features, hardware, and drivers!



Legally get more miles every day

Other ELD providers don’t care if your friends lose driving time in traffic or at the shipper. We can help them use FMCSA rules to drive more miles and make more money.

Have you ever received a violation because you couldn’t make legal log edits?

Has a shipper ever blamed your driver for a damaged load? GPSTab helps you prove your innocence.


GPSTab’s dash camera records unsafe road events such as harsh braking, accelerating.

View the unsafe road events in a downloadable report.

This will provide you with the evidence you need to prove your driver’s innocence.

Miles Ahead of Our Competitors

How can your business increase customer satisfaction?

Vehicle tracking information helps give customers the peace of mind they want.

Prove to your customers that their freight is safe with your business by using our GPS Trackers to share location data.
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We’re excited to have you back
with GPSTab

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