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Discover the best-kept secret in trucking. GPSTab ELD offers you all-inclusive $29 upfront pricing.

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Save up to $3,420 in hidden fees with GPSTab

No Contract

No Downtime for Install

No Hidden Fees

Don’t overpay for your ELD services

You could be overpaying up to $3,420 annually per truck with other ELD providers:

Benefits Other ELDs
IFTA Miles
$20 per truck
Legal Edits
$250 per month
Live Customer Support
$15 per driver
1 unit x 12 months = $3420 annually

Picking the wrong ELD
could lead to expensive surprises

With GPSTab, you only pay for the service you use.

GPSTab offers fair, upfront pricing without an expensive pay out or hidden fees.

Has a shipper ever blamed your driver for a damaged load?

GPSTab helps you prove your innocence.


GPSTab’s dash camera records unsafe road events such as harsh braking, accelerating.


View the unsafe road events in a downloadable report.


This will provide you with the evidence you need to prove your driver’s innocence.

miles ahead of our competition

GPSTab continually delivers more value than key competitors, with NO contract. Here's what you can save on our dash cameras alone:
Samsara Motive

Total cost of ownership
for 3 years


$2200 +
ELD Service

$1560 - $1840+
ELD Service

Monthly Service
Contract Free
Built in Display
Camera SD Storage
Types of Recorded Events
Automatically Triggered
Hardware Cost

Locate your assets in seconds with our unique Tail Light GPS Trackers

A tracker is useless if it can just be removed.

Our one-of-a-kind covert Tail Light Trackers look and work just like regular tail lights so they can easily be hidden in plain sight.

Nobody thinks it can happen to them until it does.

Here’s how we recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets for NASCAR team owner Mike Harmon:


Get better features like log edits, hidden trackers, and no downtime for install.

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