Plug-and-play ELDs have a variety of benefits, especially when compared to ELDs that require professional installation.

Professionally installed ELDs can be quite the hassle, requiring drivers to take their trucks to a designated location in order to be serviced. On the other hand, plug-and-play ELDs completely simplify the process by allowing drivers to easily install the ELD themselves.

As the premier provider of an ELD that utilizes plug-and-play hardware, GPSTab would like to lend some insight on the benefits of having an ELD that does not require professional installation.

Quick Installation

As you well know, small fleets depend on keeping wheels rolling to make ends meet, unlike larger fleets with more financial backing. Because there’s really no time to waste, spending a day or a couple of hours getting an ELD installed can be an issue.

The time spent getting an ELD installed is taking away from time that could be spent delivering freight and making money. Plug-and-play ELDs eliminate this issue by allowing drivers to install the ELD themselves in minutes. 

Logistically Simple

As you well know, your small trucking business is already using an abundance of resources to find freight, pick it up, and deliver it.

Do you really want to use more of those resources to plan ahead for an ELD installation appointment?

Let’s say you’re looking to switch providers. Your trucks are scattered across the country, and you need to consider their availability in order to schedule their installation appointment. How much time can your business really afford to plan this effectively? It’s a logistical nightmare.

Save yourself and your business the headache with a plug-and-play ELD that can be installed in minutes.

Easily Replaced

When considering what kind of ELD you’d like to install, malfunctions and other issues should be kept in mind.

Technology makes our lives easier, but it can also have its pitfalls. ELDs, just like any other technology, can fall victim to malfunctions and glitches, sometimes rendering them inoperable.

In a situation such as this, the FMCSA allows drivers to operate without an ELD for 8 days, as long as they received a malfunction letter. Imagine trying to get a professionally installed ELD replaced in only an 8-day span? Finding a location, figuring out what to do with your load, scheduling an appointment. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work to replace an ELD.

A plug-and-play ELD can simply just be mailed out as soon as possible and installed upon arrival. Simple.

GPSTab is compatible with multiple plug-and-play ELDs including the following devices: Pacific Track PT30, IOSiX, and Bluelink ELD. Along with a comprehensive system that does not require a contract, GPSTab has got everything small fleets need to expand their business and grow profits.

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