Multiple GPSTab trackers aided Mike Harmon Racing and state troopers in recovering a stolen NASCAR vehicle that was stored in the race team’s trailer.

Mike Harmon, who competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and runs his own team, noticed that his trailer was gone in the morning and believes that it was taken some time overnight.

“We lost a rig a year ago, and it was the worst feeling in the world,” Harmon said. “Yesterday when I pulled up, I had a terrible feeling in my stomach.”

Just one year ago, Mike Harmon Racing lost assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars due to cargo theft. After that experience, he wanted to make sure it never happened again, so he equipped his truck with GPSTab Trackers.

Knowing that his assets had the trackers onboard, he called GPSTab Director of Business Development Dan Zieker, to get some information on its location.

“I was able to locate my vehicle in under a minute thanks to GPSTab. Today I feel great and relieved,” Harmon said.

Furthermore, within only 20 minutes, Harmon was reunited with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets.

Cargo theft losses amounted to an average of $166,334 annually for fleets across the U.S. in 2020. 

Last year alone over 1,000 cargo theft incidents were reported, a sharp spike up from the 758 cases that occurred in 2019. Thefts can happen at any time, anywhere, even when kingpin locks or other preventive measures are used.

That’s what makes GPSTab Trackers so effective–they can help you recover your assets in no time.

GPSTab Tail Light Trackers are covert trackers that can be hidden in plain sight. The tracker works and looks like a regular tail light, increasing its effectiveness when installed on a trailer.

For tracking inside of a vehicle, GPSTab Asset Trackers are most effective. This small black box can be strategically hidden inside the vehicle you choose to track.

Tracking your assets can be done with ease using the GPSTab Admin Portal. On the home page, users will see an overview of their fleet’s location.

To view tracking information for individual drivers, users can select the specific unit on the “By Units” tab located on the main menu. 

The “By Units” page will provide a variety of data including location, date & time, mileage, and current speed.

Don’t let theft turn you into another statistic, secure your fleet with GPSTab Trackers today by clicking here.