If you’re an owner-operator or you’re just getting started as a trucking business owner, you know how important it is to have an ELD you can depend on.

Quality is crucial—you don’t want an ELD that constantly has issues and forces you out of service, especially when your business is competing for loads with bigger fleets.

As an ELD provider that’s compatible with several devices, we’d like to help you find ELD hardware that works best for you. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of some of the most effective devices for tracking your hours of service (HOS).


What makes the IOSiX device so popular is the fact that it’s virtually compatible with all ELD systems. This means that if you were to move providers, it’s likely that you could take the device with you and it could still be compatible with different ELD systems.

In terms of installation, the IOSiX is convenient. Because it’s a plug-and-play ELD it can be installed in minutes by drivers, without needing professional help. Drivers can also connect the IOSiX via Bluetooth in a couple of simple steps. 

This FCC and IC-certified device is reliable and effective at tracking HOS especially because of its 2MB of flash memory, which provides up to 30 days of ELD data buffering. 

BlueLink ELD

The BlueLink ELD is a plug-and-play device that can be installed in minutes. While the other options on this list also provide some form of telematics data recording, BlueLink prides itself on this feature.

The device sends periodic engine diagnostic codes to the fleet management server via cellular data. This data includes fuel level, fuel consumption, and others. 

BlueLink ELDs are also compatible with a multitude of systems, meaning that you can take them with you if you switch providers at any point.

PT 30

The Pacific Track PT 30 device is optimized to provide a highly reliable, easy-to-integrate experience. As yet another plug-and-play ELD, it’s simple to install for truckers.

Additionally, the device is compatible with a variety of ELD providers, making it another industry favorite. The PT 30’s built-in GPS and internal flash memory storage make sure that HOS is captured even if a tablet or phone is not present in a vehicle, aiding its accuracy when recording hours.

About GPSTab

GPSTab is a comprehensive ELD that is compatible with the IOSiX, BlueLink, and PT 30 devices. Our ELD is also contract-free—we offer month-to-month subscriptions starting as low as $10. To learn more about our ELD or purchase hardware, please visit our ELD page here.

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