Tail Light GPS Support

Troubleshooting & help

Is it a real-time tracking GPS system?

Yes, it is a real-time GPS tracking system.

How often does the unit update?

The unit updates the location every 5 minutes

Does the tracking work in all 50 states?

Yes, the GPS unit works in all 50 states.

Does the tracking work outside the US?

Yes, the cellular connection works seamlessly in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Who can install the GPS unit?

Any driver, maintenance specialist can install the device. The rule of a thumb is “if you can replace a light - you can install the Tail light tracker”

Does installation of the Taillight require to drill holes in the trailer?

No, the installation does not require to breach the integrity of the equipment.

How long does the unit work when unpowered?

The unit will keep reporting data up to 3 months when unpowered using the built-in battery.

How the unit is being powered?

It is connected to the existing wiring loom. It’s being powered from brakes and tail light circuits.

Is your GPS tracking product certified?

Yes, the product is DOT and SAE certified.

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