Tail Light GPS Tracker Oval Amber

Not all trailers use either the standard 4″ round or 6″ oval tail light. However, almost all trailers use a 6″ oval amber or red light for their side lamps. With all the same functionality and robustness of the existing, it’s the ideal covert solution for these situations.

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  • Size

    6 inches oval

  • Connection

    Uses existing wiring loom

  • Power

    Draws power from the brake and tail-light circuits

  • Protection

    Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

  • Material

    Lens constructed of high impact, scratch resistant Acrilic

  • Network

    Uses the 4G cellular network for superior coverage

  • Battery

    Standby battery provides up to 3 months reporting when unpowered

  • Position

    Low profile provides enhanced protection from impact damage

  • Certification

    DOT and SAE approved, certified to FMVSS: S2, T2, I6 specs.

Key features

Less than 1-minute installation

Looks & works just like normal LED Light

Covert, discreet

Updates every 5 mins while on the move

What's in the box

Oval amber tail light gps tracker device

Oval amber tail light gps tracker device


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