Side Cameras

GPSTab Side Cameras seamlessly integrate with GPSTab Dash Cameras—giving you increased visibility throughout your fleet. Connect up to 4 auxiliary cameras to each Dash Camera to minimize blind spots and optimize fleet safety.


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About the Product

GPSTab Side Cameras, in combination with GPSTab Dash Cameras, expand your fleet’s video telematics capabilities by providing you with the necessary context and documentation to protect your drivers, vehicles, and cargo.

They can enhance your monitoring abilities, provide comprehensive evidence in support of litigation, assist driver coaching, reduce insurance costs, and help exonerate drivers.

  • Wi-Fi

    802.71 bgn Wi-Fi

  • Storage

    Built-in 64gb micro-SD card

  • Power

    12 or 24V DC

  • Dimensions

    3.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 in

  • Resolution

    Up to 1080p, 30fps

  • Streaming and Recording

    720p, 30fps

  • Accessories

    1 mounting bracket

  • Increase visibility by recording blindspots
  • Connect up to 4 side cameras throughout your vehicle
  • Install in key locations such as trailers, front fenders, vehicle rears, and doors
  • Get indisputable video evidence from every angle to protect your fleet
  • Plug-and-play devices are simple to install and configure


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