Based on the well-known and tested GPSTab platform, GPSTab ELD Edition provides even more functionality to fleets of all sizes while keeping the drivers happy.

No. To be grandfathered, an AOBRD must be installed in a CMV prior to December 18, 2017. If a grandfathered AOBRD subsequently becomes inoperable, then that AOBRD must be replaced by an ELD.

If you've received a notice requiring your subscription update, please press continue (picture 1).

GPSTab notice requiring your subscription update

Then you will be taken to the subscription details page. Please fill out the GPSTab and GPSTab ELD Edition field with the number of units you have. Ex: If you have 10 drivers and all of them are using ELD/AOBRD please put "10"(total amount of drivers) in BOTH fields (picture 2).

GPStab subscription details page

Then please insert your credit card information and press "OK" to save it (picture 3).

credit card information

FMCSA regulations require registration and certification of all ELDs.  Any Electronic Logging Device that hasn't been registered and certified by the manufacturer is not FMCSA compliant.  GPSTab ELD is compliant and can be found on the official list of registered devices: FMCSA list

If you are currently exempt from filling out logs - short haul / local driver - you don't need to get an ELD.  Other exemptions include operating vehicles: made before 2000, classified as drive-away, classified as tow-away.  You can find more information by visiting: FMCSA website

As of 11/06/2017, there has been no announcements from FMCSA about postponing initial compliance dates that were set when the ELD Mandate was released.  However, the 10-hour out-of-service order associated with non-compliance with the Mandate will begin April 1, 2018.

UTECH product GPSTab ELD is officially registered with and approved by FMCSA. All versions of GPSTab ELD can be found at any time by visiting the government site: https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List and searching for either "GPSTab ELD" or "UTECH".

GPSTab ELD is registered with FMCSA

If you are using GPSTab ELD - you don't have to physically print your logs for the inspector during inspection.  As long as the ELD has a display that can be "brought to the officer", printing is not required. However, an enforcement official may request that additional information be provided by email, fax, or other similar means within 48 hours of the roadside inspection.

GPSTab ELD is designed to notify drivers, safety, and dispatchers of potential violations beforehand.  Notification will be given 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before the actual violation occurs - giving enough time to take action to prevent HOS violations.

GPSTab ELD is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution designed to work with smart cellular devices.  While the device will connect and work with your phone, we do recommend running the application and connecting ELD to a tablet for ease of use and optimal performance.

We have made the evaluation of our product as attractive as we could.  Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.  Monthly payments don't start until January 1st, 2018.

GPSTab ELD can be installed in minutes, without much effort.  Install free application on your smart cellular device, plug the ELD into diagnostics port of your vehicle, the two devices will pair automatically, and you are on your way.

There is no minimum contract.  We believe that you will stay with us for as long as we provide a valuable service to you and your business.  This is good enough for us.  What is the catch?  There is no catch.  You are free to leave at will.  No penalties imposed.

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